Stratosphere Tower Thrill Rides
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Stratosphere Tower Thrill Rides

2000 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89104

Phone (Toll Free): (800) 998-6937

Phone (Local): (702) 380-7777

All rides are at the top of the Stratosphere Tower, over 900 feet high. The four extreme thrill rides are The SkyJump, the Big Shot, the X Scream, and Insanity. The X Scream, "is an eight seat ride that dramatically thrusts its open roller coaster car along a 69-foot ramp at 30 miles per hour until suddenly stopping 29 feet over the edge of the tower and 866 feet from the ground below. The panoramic view from the top and the temporary sensation of free fall add to the ride's exhilaration. Currently, the X Scream takes three separate plunges, but the frequency can be raised or lowered. In addition, the computer that operates the system can be programmed to operate 100 different patterns of falls, each producing varying degrees of intense sensations for riders."