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Meeting Planners Rank Vegas No. 1

DestinationMAP XV, published in 2013, is the latest in a continuing series of brand image/marketing studies conducted among a national sample of major meeting and convention decision makers. DestinationMAP covers 40 major destinations in North America and is conducted every two years. Volume I covers the "Meeting Patterns and the Selection Process," while Volume II covers the "Attitudinal, Image, Meeting Patterns and Market Impact Findings."

Key Findings for Las Vegas from DestinationMAP XV are:

Of the 60 measurements covered in Volume II, Las Vegas ranks No. 1 on 21 and ranks No. 2 - 5 on an additional 23.

Of the 22 image attributes covered for convention centers, the Las Vegas Convention Center ranks No. 1 on 11 and ranks No. 2 - 5 on an additional 10.

With respect to reputation, Las Vegas ranks No. 1 for being "good for large trade shows," "good for international conventions which draw worldwide" and "new/expanded convention center."

In two of the most important measures in the study, Las Vegas ranks No. 2 for "major meetings (300 or more delegates) in the past three years". Additionally, Las Vegas ranks No. 3 with respect to where meeting planners report they "intend to hold a major meeting in the next three years."

Of the 26 travel destination image attributes covered, Las Vegas ranks No. 1 on seven attributes and No. 2 - 5 on an additional seven:

No. 1 - Inexpensive to get to
No. 1 - Not necessary to rent a car
No. 1 - Good nightlife
No. 1 - Easy for delegates to get to
No. 1 - Popular place
No. 1 - Adequate number of hotel rooms
No. 1 - Good hotels
No. 2 - Good restaurants
No. 3 - Convenient airline service
No. 4 - Good value for the money
No. 5 - Different / unique
No. 5 - Moderate food and lodging cost
No. 5 - Variety of things to do
No. 5 - Willing to provide financial/other concessions