Planning Tools

Need a lot of rooms? For us, that's not a lot of problem.

Booking blocks of rooms can be a logistical knot that no one wants to untie. Except, of course, us. Let our Housing Services Department and PASSKEY do the hard stuff. After all, you've got enough on your mind.

There are multiple benefits that PASSKEY offers meeting planners:

  • Customized website detailing event and hotel information and displaying association logos and banners.
  • Ability to view and download attendee lists and pick-up reports on-demand with the use of a meeting planner dashboard.
  • Ability to integrate registration and housing through RegLink - resulting in a one-stop shopping system for attendees, maximizing attendee bookings in contracted hotel blocks, and minimizing book-around and attrition exposure.
  • Ability to create business rules implemented at all levels - attendee type, room type and sub-block.
  • Reservation acknowledgement letters sent via email or fax within 24 hours.
  • Ability to send out Group Campaigns - an innovative online technology that provides planners an easy and effective way to communicate with their group attendees via email.

In addition, the LVCVA Housing Services offers:

  • Dedicated email and toll-free phone and fax lines.
  • Housing forms and locator maps.
  • Hotel contract review and verification.
  • A Supervisor dedicated to your event.


The following are points to consider before submitting your Request for Proposal:

1. At the request of the association, your LVCVA sales executive will solicit hotel room blocks for your delegates based on your group's arrival and departure patterns.

Associations anticipating a need for Saturday arrivals should be aware that most Las Vegas hotels commit a limited number of rooms for Saturday arrivals.

2. All room and suite rates, as well as hotel convention space, should be negotiated by the association or the association's agent directly with the hotels. Due to antitrust restrictions, the LVCVA staff is unable to negotiate room rates.

3. The Association should establish a cut-off date with the hotels. Delegate reservations can be accepted via telephone, internet, fax, E-mail, or traditional mail. A dedicated toll-free number will be assigned to the convention for delegate use. After the cut-off date, delegates can continue to contact Housing Services for assistance in securing hotel accommodations through our Leisure system at prevailing rates.

4. Convention housing reservations are sent to the hotels as directed.   Each delegate will receive an acknowledgment advising hotel assignment via E-mail, fax or mail within 24 hours of reservation transaction.  

5. All changes and cancellations prior to cut-off will be handled by LVCVA Housing Services. After the cut-off, delegates will be directed to the hotel assigned.

6. Room deposits are not processed at LVCVA Housing Services. However, credit card information can be obtained from the delegates and forwarded to the hotel. Please check with participating hotels regarding their specific deposit and credit card policies.

7. LVCVA Housing Services must review and approve all convention housing forms prior to final printing.

The LVCVA's Housing staff consists of skilled, knowledgeable specialists and destination experts committed to providing exceptional customer service to your delegates. The department is open Monday through Friday 8am - 5pm, PST.

If you have any questions or would like to further discuss these procedures, please contact:

LVCVA Registration and Housing Services
Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority
3150 Paradise Road
Las Vegas, NV 89109-9096
(702) 386-0777
Fax: (702) 386-7838