Your next business trip is booked, and you’re set to go to the mecca of all work trips: Vegas. The only thing left to do is pack. While you could make a legitimate argument to bring about half of your closet, you only have a finite amount of space in your suitcase. We want to help make sure you’re packing efficiently. No matter the nature of your business trip to Vegas, we’ve got a plan for you.



You’re coming to Vegas to chat about the latest apps, trackers, cams, bots and connected glasses. Here’s what you need:

1. POCKETS: Fit all your gadgets in clothing with good pocket space.

2. FITNESS TRACKER: Stick to your fitness routine while you travel.

3. VLOGGING CAM: Capture the incredible stuff you see at your convention.

4. HEADLAMP, RAPPEL ROPE AND COMPASS: Disconnect on your day off.

What to Pack Business  - Tech


For you, going out requires a weather check. You’re in the business of hiking, biking, climbing and connecting with nature. Here’s what you’ll need:

1. ATHLEISURE OUTFIT: For a smooth transition from meetings to Mount Charleston.

2. NATIONAL PARKS PASS: Your all-access secret.

3. WATER TOYS: Take an adventure to the Colorado River.

4. BREAKOUT HEELS: It’s your night in Vegas.

What to Pack Business - Outdoorsy


You work in the public eye. You write, star in or produce blogs, vlogs, journals, articles or news stations. You’re here to promote, network, share and talk media. Here’s what to bring:

1. PATTERN CLOTHING: Drinks and tapas meetings mean spill potential. Patterns are great camouflage.

2. POCKET TOOTHBRUSH KIT: Conversation savers.

3. POLAROID CAM: For all the pictures you’ll want to take, but not post.

4. ROBE, SLIPPERS & EYE MASK: Take advantage of alone time.

What to Pack Business - Broadcast


Your Insta is on point. Your closet never stops evolving. And your accessories have accessories. Vegas is where you meet with the people as fashionable as you are. This is what you’ll need:

1.  STATEMENT BAG: Functional for the meetings. Fun for a night out.

2. VACUUM BAG: Prepare for a shopping spree.

3. POWER SUIT:  Catch some rays in your favorite swimsuit.  

4. TRACK SUIT & GOGGLES: Hit the desert for a little you time. 

What to Pack Business - Style


You’re crafty. You build. You invent. You turned a hobby into a business. You come to Vegas to share with like-minded people. Here’s a packing list for you:

1. YOUR BRAND TEE: Get conversations started about your business.

2. SMALL NOTEBOOK: Jot down new ideas.

3. PRETZEL NECKLACE: Network at a beer fest or brewery.

4. FITNESS GEAR: Take advantage of your hotel’s health center.

What to Pack Business - Craft


If you come to Vegas with your sights set on the Wild West to watch the bulls and revel in the rodeo, here’s what you’ll need:

1. BELT & BUCKLE: Give business casual a little personality.

2. SNAP SHIRT: A classic that works for any occasion.

3. ADVIL®: Just in case the bull riding gets a little out of hand.

4. MASK AND CLOAK: Your after-hours disguise.

What to Business Pack - Western


If your business adventure doesn’t fall into any of these categories, no worries. Here’s your suitcase plan:

1. TRANSITION SUIT: The perfect day-to-night outfit.

2. BYO HOT SPOT: When the Wi-Fi password is nowhere to be found.

3. LUCKY CHARM: All sports bets are on.

4. YOUR ALTER EGO: Do the night your way.

What to Pack Business - Business