“New and improved” has become a marketing cliché touting everything from laundry detergent to smartphones. Even though the concept is oxymoronic—you can’t improve something that’s brand new—the adage persists. The same might be said for going beyond the superlative “best.” There’s no such word as “perfecter.”

Well, Las Vegas is in the process of becoming the exception to the rules of exceptionalism. For the 23rd consecutive year, Las Vegas has been named the country's number-one trade show destination by Trade Show News Network, and already offers the greatest number of hotel rooms and meeting and convention space. Now Vegas is preparing to give business travelers even more. And that’s not just hype.

The $1.4-billion Las Vegas Convention Center District (LVCCD) expansion project will include a new 600,000-square-foot exhibit hall with accompanying meeting space and the renovation of three existing exhibit halls and entire campus. “When the project is complete, the convention center will have grown to 5.2 million square feet from 3.2 million square feet and provide 2.6 million square feet of exhibit space,” reports Rossi Ralenkotter, president and CEO of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA).

Rendering of potential expansion of the Las Vegas Convention Center
Rendering of potential expansion of the Las Vegas Convention Center

More space is not the final frontier in this expansion trek, as the LVCCD’s technology footprint is growing, too. “Connectivity is crucial to today’s attendees at meetings and conventions to enhance their experience,” Ralenkotter says. He cites the launch a few months ago of a state-of-the-art upgrade of the convention center’s Wi-Fi system—the equivalent of having 14 cell towers serving more than 100,000 users simultaneously.

“We also recently unveiled Vegas Interactive, our revolutionary trade show booth, featuring an interactive video wall that utilizes touch-screen technology to provide detailed information about the city’s resorts and convention and event spaces,” Ralenkotter adds. The LVCVA has been a leader in using innovative technology to promote the destination, including virtual reality with the VegasVR smartphone app, which dazzles viewers with original 360-degree, “you are there” videos. Technology upgrades will be important in the expanded and renovated center, with virtual conference rooms, using video walls and enhanced broadcasting capabilities, and digital vending machines.

It will be a challenge to ensure no disruption of business during the expansion and renovations, Ralenkotter admits, so the projects are scheduled in stages. “We’ll be able to grow without ever displacing any of our current business,” he says. What’s more, the project will bring approximately $810 million in incremental economic impact and $2 billion in construction impact to Las Vegas, not to mention more than 7,000 jobs.

Giving more to Las Vegas business travelers goes beyond the convention center district, however. The LVCVA is partnering with hotels, casinos and resorts to ensure they remain a major part of the city’s growth and allure. “We work very closely with them to understand travel trends and needs of visitors,” Ralenkotter states, recalling when he came to the LVCVA more than four decades ago and started a research department. “Today, our branding, marketing and advertising efforts are driven by solid, measurable research, and we share those findings with our partners.”

Rendering of potential expansion of the Las Vegas Convention Center

Rendering of potential expansion of the Las Vegas Convention Center

In turn, those partners are constantly upping their games, too, bringing in A-list entertainers, celebrity chefs and other only-in-Vegas experiences. Such enhancements are especially attractive to millennial attendees, who will always be drawn to the casino games, but increasingly crave alternative fun.

“In recent years, visitors have been more likely to explore the Fremont Street Experience, The Park and The LINQ Promenade,” Ralenkotter says. Other non-traditional attractions include the High Roller Observation Wheel (550-feet tall), e-sports venues, myriad nightclubs and dayclubs, and day trips to the Hoover Dam (40 miles) and the Grand Canyon (270 miles). Sporting events beckon, as well, from the NHL’s newest team, the Vegas Golden Knights and NASCAR races to rodeos and UFC matches.

In other words—that aren’t oxymoronic—business travelers to Vegas are about to have many new reasons and improved attractions when they visit one of the world’s greatest destinations.