Planning a business event is hard. Making it go off without a hitch is even harder. Between the agenda, booking a space and keeping everyone happily fed, there’s a lot riding on your shoulders. That’s why more and more businesses are going to Las Vegas to host their events.

Vegas boasts a variety of facilities, easy access to event professionals and a wide array of entertainment. Not only is it everything you need in one place, but the incredible ease of planning makes your life that much easier. Here are the top reasons why Vegas means business:

Finding the Perfect Spot

Need a venue that can fit 2,000 people? Or a spot with flexible seating? No matter what it is, this is probably the most accommodating city you’ll find.

Las Vegas is home to more than 11 million square feet of meeting, exhibit and trade show space, plus three of the nation's largest convention venues. Since the spaces are designed to be flexible, you can host any type of occasion — from small executive meetings to company-wide conferences.

What’s more, since accommodations and food go hand in hand with event spaces, you can select what services you want and handle them with a single booking (instead of a laundry list of vendors).

Professional Support Staff

There’s already a lot riding on your shoulders. It’s ok to let the professionals handle all the little details for you — and Vegas is a master at this.

Business events held in Vegas come with a plethora of highly experienced business professionals to help you plan and manage every step of the process. From setup to take-down, they’ll be on hand to help you host the best event possible, and will eagerly remove most of the weight from your shoulders.

Fun For Attendees

Yes, you’re here for business, but that doesn’t mean you and your company can’t enjoy yourselves too. In fact, studies show that positive employee experiences benefit the business as well as the individuals — a great reason to combine work and play at your next event.

Finding fun things to do is certainly not hard in Vegas. The destination is famous for its music, concerts, nightclubs and sporting events. In their downtime, attendees can relax and recharge while enjoying everything from live entertainment to shopping and world-class dining. For the golfers, Red Rock Country Club offers the opportunity to play a round on the Arnold Palmer-designed Arroyo course overlooking Red Rock Canyon.

Increased Attendance

Las Vegas has broad appeal. So when you host an event here, it makes the entire experience much more exciting for everyone involved, which means you have less work to do promoting the event.

Research shows that attendance increases 8% on average when trade shows rotate into Las Vegas. Attendees also spend more time in meetings or trade shows in the city than in other locations. For you, this means a higher turnout with less effort spent convincing people to come.

Planning a smooth, successful and memorable event isn’t as hard as you may think. When you let the Vegas pros run the show, you’ll get all the credit of a great event without all the added stress that comes with it. Get in touch with the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority to launch your big event.