Let’s get down to business: whether you need to arrange a series of meetings, a large-scale conference or an exciting tradeshow, you’ve probably got a lot on your plate. We get it. Between the itinerary and the hors d'oeuvres, there’s a lot riding on your shoulders, on top of the countless other things you need to do.

Savvy business event planners have a handful of checklist items to cross off their list to make sure every event is both productive and enjoyable. Here are the top five:  

1. Set Clear Goals

Before you begin any planning, think about what you want this event to achieve. Are you looking to teach employees about new products or concepts? Building buzz for products? Creating brand awareness or expanding your potential customers? Your goal determines the type of event you need to plan.

Destination events offer a great opportunity for reaching a variety of goals with the added bonus of attracting more people. Holding an event in Las Vegas, for example, increases attendance by an average of 8% compared to in-office events or those held in other cities.

2. Give It Some Structure

No one likes sitting in a meeting room listening to a series of speakers ramble on. Develop a format for the event to ensure a positive flow and a variety of interesting segments.

You can break up the longer sessions with activities such as icebreaker exercises, mixers, giveaways and contests, awards or team building activities. It's also helpful to make sure there is an interesting mix of topics to prevent the event from feeling one-dimensional.

3. Set the Right Vibe 

Location, location, location — that’s the key when it comes to building interest in an event and encouraging engagement from attendees. Three of the 10 largest convention venues in the country are in Las Vegas, a glittering city with more than 11 million square feet of space for meetings, conventions and exhibits. To choose the best spot for your event, consider:

  • Size of the space to ensure enough seating for all attendees and/or press.
  • Extras included with the venue, such as audiovisual equipment, staffing or concessions.
  • Other nearby events to increase engagement and recreation during downtime.

4. Serve Tasty Food

No one wants to sit through a long meeting on an empty stomach. That’s why it’s essential to make sure there’s something delicious on hand to keep your attendees focused and happy. The food scene can also provide an excellent opportunity for mingling and networking.

One huge benefit of holding your event in Las Vegas is that you get access to a wide array of culinary options. Work with catering services to bring food straight to your attendees, or arrange for part of your event to take place at a local restaurant that caters to large groups. Food problem solved.

5. Make It Entertaining 

All work and no play is never a good idea. No matter how serious the subject matter of the event, it’s essential to incorporate a little fun into the mix. In Vegas, the options are endless.

Arrange for entertainment, such as DJs or comedians, or schedule some time to enjoy a few of Vegas's phenomenal activities. Book a tee time at one of the golf courses, schedule a little spa pampering or snag tickets to a concert. Or, set your attendees loose to enjoy Las Vegas at their leisure.

No matter the event, the important thing is that you achieve your goals and create a memorable experience for everyone. With customizable convention spaces and professional staff to help at every step of the way, Las Vegas is a planner’s dream when it comes to events. Learn more about what Vegas can offer your business.