No city draws a crowd like Las Vegas. And the numbers back it up. Vegas will provide the best meetings and convention experience in the world.  Our resorts host more than 21,000 meetings, conventions and incentive programs annually, ranging in size from 10 to over 150,000 attendees. Vegas is also home to three of the 10 largest convention centers in the U.S. That’s why it’s able to handle the size and kind of trade shows that it has. There’s also another side to the Las Vegas meeting scene that’s just as deserving of attention.

 All around the city, you’ll find distinctive places for unique gatherings. These are the kind of places that are 180 degrees from the typical banquet rooms with harsh lighting. They’re worth investigating, especially when making an impression with employees often matters as much as customers. These days, businesses are seeking out more unexpected situations. They find them in abundance in Las Vegas.

 Choosing an unexpected meeting place here includes all of the usual benefits of meeting in LasVegas: 320+ days of sunshine, more than 150,000 hotel rooms, over 140 hotels offering meeting facilities, and an airport that offers more easy travel from 900 inbound and outbound flights a day.

 As a city that attracts more than 42 million visitors a year, Las Vegas continues to evolve as a vibrant showcase for the extraordinary. No matter the size or occasion.