CES Las Vegas 2023

Photo Credit: CTA/CES

The countdown to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 is on! Taking place Jan. 9-12 at the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC), Venetian Expo and other venues in the destination, CES attracts tech companies, professionals and enthusiasts from around the world each year. 

It provides the industry with a platform to demo and showcase the latest innovations, products and solutions. The convention is where next-generation innovations are introduced to the global marketplace and has served as the proving ground for businesses and innovators for over 50 years. Read on so you make the most of your 2024 CES experience.

A Modern World of Tomorrow

Cruise the home of the future, chat with a refrigerator, play ping-pong with a robot, enjoy autonomous rides, and party with your favorite celebrity. The world’s most exciting technology show is about to descend on Las Vegas and attracts over 130,000 enthusiasts. Plus 3,500 exhibitors will span across nearly 2.5 million square feet, solidifying this as the event for the tech industry.

People enjoying the many things available at CES Las Vegas 2023.Exhibitors showcasing at CES; Photo credit CTA/CES

Tech giants Google, Intel, IBM, LG, Samsung, Panasonic and SONY are a few notable exhibitors that’ll be showcasing their latest business and consumer technologies. Additionally, auto brands like Mercedes-Benz, KIA and Hyundai will be showing their latest tech. Check out the CES 2024 floor plan to help you navigate your way.

While whimsical visions of color-changing cars and self-driving strollers were all the rage last year, CES 2024 will expand on these technologies with AI attempting to tackle global challenges, such as ensuring clean air, water and food amid a growing labor shortage; wellness for an aging population; and extended-life batteries. The convention’s theme this year is “All Together. All ON,” referencing how technology and innovators alike can globally improve lives.

To get the most out of the event, download the CES App for real-time updates, schedules and an interactive map to help you navigate your sessions effortlessly where you can plan schedules and set reminders.

What’s on the Horizon

Attendees will encounter new releases from nearly every tech arena, including laptops, wearables, health and beauty, smart-home technology, TVs and home entertainment, automotive and electric vehicles, and, of course, a lot of AI. Companies expected to make significant announcements at the show include Nvidia, Intel, L'Oréal and Hyundai.

Samsung has a long history of massive product rollouts at CES and 2024 will be no different. In addition to its LVCC Center Hall booth, Samsung will hold a comprehensive press conference on Jan. 8 to make several exciting updates, likely inclusive of its commitment to AI and creating innovative consumer technologies. Anticipated announcements include an update on the next-gen Galaxy S24 smartphone, as well as its new QD-OLED gaming monitors. Plus, attendees can see the new AI Family Hub™+ Refrigerator that uses Vision AI to reduce food waste, as it identifies each item placed in the fridge and automatically categorizes up to 33 items. 

Regarding TVs, expect new OLED models to be on display, as the demand for them continues to rise among consumers. The anticipated announcement is for the rollout of the new 8K displays. Also, expect more microLEDs at even bigger sizes. 

As AI is on the horizon for multiple product categories, Dell and Razer are both anticipated to debut laptops fit with such capabilities, enhancing performance. With these new decked-out features, there might be changes in the coming years to laptop hardware and designs. Attendees can also catch Meta Platforms, Vuzix, DigiLens and others showcasing their latest headsets with augmented and virtual reality.  

In the beauty and wellness category, Nimble Beauty will be showcasing its AI and robotics technology for painting nails. Also, within the same realm, attendees can look forward to demonstrations by other companies focusing on skin and hair care, cosmetics and more. 

Navigating Your Way: Tech to Pay Attention to

CES is a massive event spanning several of the largest convention centers in Las Vegas. Below you’ll find an overview of the various technology and companies you’ll discover in different sectors.

Someone demoing a product at CES Las Vegas 2023.Product demo at CES; Photo credit CTA/CES

Located at LVCC, the Tech East area showcases smart home tech, cars, gaming, robotics, health and wellness and more. Take the free shuttle to Central Plaza where Google, KIA, and Walmart will greet you. You can expect activations like Disney-style rides, bouncy slides, and carnival games with prizes. Additionally, The Current Backyard, the worlds’ first electric outdoor brand, will have celebrity chefs serving treats on smart grills. You’ll also find a Kubota AI tractor with an immersive storytelling experience and Moonwalker skate shoes from Shift Robotics. Plus, HP Sprocket Photobooth will demonstrate ink-free printing from a phone. Then there’s Targus’ VR experience and the SK Wonderland carbon zero theme park featuring trains and magic carpet rides, a dancing car, and an AI fortune teller.  

North Hall, also part of Tech East, is a mix of AutoTech, health demos, and government agencies. Exhibitors include Noom, MassRobotics, Invoxia pet tracker, National Sleep Foundation, Abbott Labs and more. 

Another division of Tech East, West Hall is the on-the-go portion of the show. If it moves, it’ll likely be in this area. Think: cars, boats, scooters, RVs, flying taxis, flying boogie boards, and ginormous tractors—all electric and many autonomous. Exhibitors include Garmin, Mitsubishi Electric Harley-Davidson (featuring LED recycle disco), Intrepid ADAS, AWS Automotive, Xpeng AeroHT (featuring its modular flying car), and Kia to name just a few. 

West HallWest Hall at LVCC

A popular area to note, Tech West at the Venetian Expo is where all the keynotes will be held and where you’ll likely see some celebrity appearances like Dr. Oz and Jillian Michaels in the lifestyle and wellness division. This is also where you’ll find the ultimate playground of CES – Eureka Park. This is where you’ll discover over 1,000 budding startups, each bringing their innovations and technologies to the table. This is a true hub of creativity and innovation.

Tech South held at ARIA Resort & Casino, is where you’ll find informative sessions, panel discussions and presentations from respected industry leaders.

Don’t Miss the Parties

Industry giants will be pulling out all the stops during the day and the night. Keep the fun and excitement going at these parties.

Amazon After Dark’s party is invite only, so get yourself on the list if you aren’t already. Ludacris will be there, hosted at JEWEL Nightclub at ARIA Resort & Casino on Jan. 9. No invite needed to catch Steve Aoki at OMNIA Nightclub at Caesars Palace later that evening.

On Jan. 10, Yahoo! is hosting at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas’ newest venue, Voltaire. Featuring Wu-Tan Clan, this party is exclusive, so do your best to get on the VIP list. Later that night, Cooler Master Tech Experience Party will be held at Palms Casino Resort.

In Downtown Las Vegas on Jan 11., party it up at the Founders & Friends party at The Doyle.

Getting Around

Navigating Las Vegas during CES requires planning. You can also always use a ride share or taxi service, which are abundant in Las Vegas. And while you’re at the LVCC, you might as well check out the Vegas Loop at LVCC, providing fast transportation to attendees via Teslas underground with access to several points within the LVCC and a route to Resorts World Las Vegas.

loopVegas Loop at LVCC

There’s also the CES-provided shuttles for transportation between venues. Additionally, there’s the Las Vegas Monorail which has seven stops along the Strip conveniently linking riders to world-class restaurants, shows, resorts and more!

Don’t Forget the Strip

The Las Vegas Strip is a vibrant and dynamic epicenter of entertainment, offering an extravagant array of world-class restaurants, dazzling entertainment, and incredible attractions you won’t find elsewhere. Remember to make reservations and purchase tickets as soon as possible, as popular options book up early. Now you’re ready to get the most out of CES 2024. Enjoy the show!